Are two heads better?

A couple portraits that will accompany the bios of my friend Ted and I in the Secret Identities anthology. And yes, this is exactly what we look like.

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A Horrific Comic

While working on the Asian superhero comic, another project has come up. Here's an excerpt from my comic for the upcoming Halloween issue of the Rabid Rabbit anthology. It's a saucy one, so beware!

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Requiem Chipmunk Lives!!!

The first post that isn't related to drawing... Don't ask. Just watch.

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Father, Character Sketch

Still working on the old man's name...

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Amina, Character Sketch

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Head Studies for Twilight

It's been a long time! I shouldn't have left you... Been absent from sketch blogging because of work for the short comics project, Twilight. Here are some head sketches, attempting to form the two main characters, Amina and her father.

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