On Hiatus

Anujink dot com is on hiatus while I make a few repairs and revision. The new iteration will finally feature comics work as well some new illustration fare. Keep an eye on this blawg for an announcement of the relaunch.

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Flooded Subway


Residue from the holiday festivities.

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Fourth of July

Who needs fireworks to have a glorious "Independence" Day? Oh yeah, I do. And outside air and not eating egg McMuffins at 7 in the morning would help as wel.l. J/K, Himal and Basim... Love ya kids!

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I really, really need to see a doctor. My last physical was well nigh over two years ago - Oof.


Suitor's Sitch

What is that little stain in the lower left corner you may ask? Well, a little bluebird told me that it would be most wise to leave chicken w/ broccoli leftover from dinner inside my handbag along with my little sketchbook. Guess what? That bluebird is a bastard.

Imagine the stain as an inspired, intentional dash of color. Aint I fancy?