Sad Rags 2

If I have to read one more goddamn article about Bono's contributions to AIDS research (read: helping GAP give someone inordinate amounts of cash fueling a useless research industry) or the amount of vocal support he's given to the puppet governments of Africa, I swear I'll cancel my subscription to Forbes.


"You can't hate the roots of a tree and not hate that tree."

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Kiss And Tell


Little Laffs 2: Thanksgiving

Asshole at LaGuardia

Zenith of Comedy

M. Kupperman is the funniest man in comics. Check these "fake" comics titles. L-O-F'ing L.



These are sketches for an upcoming comics project on which my friend Ted Chung and I are collaborating. Ted is an independent filmmaker in LA and he developed the major ideas in the story. The character's physical appearance is based on my father. The final piece will appear in an Asian American Superhero Comics Anthology. Yes, such a thing exists. I must finally let go of the indie-comics-snob persona that I carefully cultivated for so long.


Little Laffs

The entire composition and layout of this comic is copied from a Gag Bag that appeared in Jughead With Archie no. 40. Archie comics; forever a fertile source of inspiration.


Success in the West

Matchbox Design as Manifesto

The matchbox designs from villages in Tamil Nadu, India are some of the most striking yet neglected art objects to come out of the late colonial and post-colonial period. Unfortunately, since matchbooks are a mass produced commodity, the beauty of these designs are not held in high regard. I tried to create and politicize some new matchbook designs based on varying themes.

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Operation Iraqi Liberation (O.I.L)

Hamro Keto

This is about crisis and conversion. The layout is stolen from a design by the master G.J. Posada. His chapbook illustrations are astounding. His skill and sheer output boggles the mind. I will continue to "borrow" his designs whenever possible.