Matchbox Design as Manifesto

The matchbox designs from villages in Tamil Nadu, India are some of the most striking yet neglected art objects to come out of the late colonial and post-colonial period. Unfortunately, since matchbooks are a mass produced commodity, the beauty of these designs are not held in high regard. I tried to create and politicize some new matchbook designs based on varying themes.

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Anonymous yogeshmaralkar@gmail.com said...

hi Anuj

I agree to your point.The cover graphic has changed from illustratious style to more flat graphical images.Also the imagery, themes and advances in printing techniques has given match labels a new dimension.
I am a designer by profession and also a vivid collector of match boxes(over 5000)..i was just curious if you have few in your collection then might be precious for me.
Keep it up..

September 20, 2008 at 3:47 AM  

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